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Company History

1954 Straw bale system for growing cucumbers introduced in Britain by Cyril Dew of Monro.

1958 Monro introduce the 30lb orchard box for either jumble or cell packed fruit as well as the Hartman fibre board.


Apple box stitching at Monro’s Waltham Cross depot


Fyffes Monro News publication. October 1984.

1962 Monro in conjunction with Whalehide launch the ‘Ring Culture’ system for tomato growing

1968 The Monro family retire and the Company is sold to the Fyffes banana group in London, trading as Fyffes Monro Sundries Ltd, operating from depots at Cheltenham, Aylesford, Chichester, Penzance, Spalding, and the Waltham Cross Head Office.

1970 First computer system introduced on purchase and sales ledger.

1978 Wooden seed tray production ceased at all depots except Penzance.

1980 Monro in conjunction with Amoco fabrics release Mypex onto the UK market - The original and still the best ground cover sheet.

1981 Burscough depot opened.


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Mypex editorial in Fyffes Monro’s sundries Catalogue.

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